How to take a $ 25.00 Vacation.

Wow its January the holidays are over and the winter blues are really 
Setting in, kids go back to college, skys are grey and it’s cold. January
February are the worst months in the boating industry, which brings me
To this writing. IT, S BOAT SHOW TIME. Yes the local boat dealers gather
At various locations in hopes to sell you a new boat in there slowest time
Of the year. Some of these dealers spend as much as the price of a small
Home to be in these shows, they have to get your attention in a short
Amount of time, I’m talking Kaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts, sandy beaches
Caribbean music and really cool boats. For the price of admission, you and
Your significant other can escape for one day to another world of sun
Fun and yes lots of fellow boaters and stories to tell. Hey it’s not Florida
Mexico or the Caribbean, It’s a $ 25.00 vacation. So get out there and visit
The local boat show, who knows what you might come home with.


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